kathy gasparotto

senior property manager

0477 772 909 | pm7@codepg.com.au

Kathy began her real estate career in 1987 when she joined a major Sydney based real estate firm for 7 years before relocating to Queensland. Since then, Kathy has worked in a variety of high level roles including a senior franchising role, responsible for the compliance of 173 offices.

In 2009 Kathy and her husband John moved to the Sunshine Coast and for the past 9 years she has relished the role of Senior Property Manager. This role has allowed Kathy to utilize her 30 years of real estate knowledge and bring to the role a level of customer service far surpasses what many tenants and landlords may have experienced with other firms and property managers. Kath is a highly valued member of the Code Senior Property Management team.

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